We are happy to help you setup the EHT technology in your lab. Please contact us for a quote.

The Technology


Bring the EHT technology to your lab. With our EHT analysis instrument, the corres-ponding software and hardware to analyze the engineered heart or skeletal muscle tissues you will be quickly able to generate your own data.

Pacing electrode


Carbon electrodes for the combined use with our silicone racks enable longtime electrical stimulation of the EHTs. Limited reusability.

Silicone rack


The original silicone rack with solid posts to generate, cultivate, transfer and measure the EHTs in the 24-well format. Reusable for up to ten autoclavation circles.

Pacing adapter / cables


Easy access adapter for contacting electrodes to the pacer with the pacing cables.

Teflon spacer


The Teflon spacer for the generation of casting molds in liquid agarose. Perfect positioning in the wells of a NUNC 24-well dish due to small stabilisation embossment. Infinite reusability.

Spare parts


The pacing electrodes will need maintenance including exchange of carbon plates after exposure to drugs.